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With the electronic music jam sessions you can learn how to make EDM, start producing electronic music fast by using the video along the Logic Pro X Template. While these are not formal logic pro music production course the amount of knowledge these episodes contain for FREE worth watching.
If you are looking to be a self taught producer and become an electronic music creator this might be the way for you. No need for expensive courses online you can get started making your own music now!

Episode 11 begins with drums that have been made beforehand, we used logic pro x Ultrabeat routing each sounds to a channel for proper mixing. We then start making the first element, a classic FM deep house bass, we record the first riff in real time and immediately edit the MIDI, we then create a send buss with a reverb to create that typical feeling found ion this tipe of deep house. The result is a solid start to creating our completed song.

We then create a melody with some keys, start layering more bass elements, then use the key progression to trigger some chords for a pad, after this we replicate the pad and created different layers.

We then start working on the arrangements to complete this episode.

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